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Words of a Butch Domestic Goddess

From the kitchen to the workspace

29 April 1979
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Rest sweetly my sweet sweet boy.
Barkley Oliver
October 1993 - March 2008

Ligament From Bone

ligament from bone -
a desperate strain.
snapped to crystal reality,
blood flowing free
mind moving swift through jagged days
stumbling over aches and pains
keeping pace with the turbulence
ceasing and existing in unaccustomed gaps of time.
the day dies full
wakes rested, but confused
solace and healing has only begun
the broken rises, glows radiant and beautiful
hovers patiently, ignored.
time moves on
the wind settles and the sun basks
errors are struck with luminosity and grace.

the devil dances wild with history
throws her hair back
raises strong arms to the firestorm
stomps barefoot on the warm ground
she is calling me back
promising safe travel on a wrath blazed trail.

but time is not for undoing
ligament from bone -
this is a desperate strain
in the reach

July 7, 2008